Hangzhou Jitai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

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Recruiting Team

METiS Hangzhou Jitai Medicine is committed to building the world's first artificial intelligence-driven drug formulation development platform. Led by academicians of the American Academy of Engineering and top scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the team combines high-throughput formulation experiments, computing platforms and cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to provide pharmaceutical companies with fast, accurate and intelligent new drug formulation research and development. The company has received millions of dollars in financing from well-known capital venture capital such as Sequoia, Fengrui, and source code.

The company has a US branch (Boston) and a Chinese distribution (Hangzhou), rooted in the pharmaceutical innovation bases of China and the United States, to gather the strengths of China and the United States and develop innovative drugs! The company has cooperated closely with well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad. For business needs, we sincerely invite those talents who are ambitious, willing to grow with the company, and are willing to contribute their strength to the development of new drugs for the benefit of patients! Here, you will discuss with the academicians of the American Academy of Engineering to exchange the latest trends in the medical industry! Here, we work together to benefit patients!

Interested parties please fill in personal information or send resume to:hr@metispharmaceuticals.com