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Jitai Pharmaceutical completes millions of dollars in angel round financing, Fengrui Capital leads

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METiS Pharmaceuticals completed millions of dollars in angel round financing. This round of financing was led by Fengrui Capital, followed by source code capital, Jingtai Technology's strategic investment, and Huaxing Alpha served as the exclusive financial advisor for this financing. The financing will be used to simultaneously build AI pharmaceutical preparation optimization platforms in China and the United States, and cooperate with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies to promote the development of new drug pipelines and the development of preclinical preparations.

Through the incubation of Jingtai Technology, Yatai Medicine was formally established in August 2019. The company focuses on the development of artificial intelligence-driven pharmaceutical preparations. Through high-throughput formulation platforms and artificial intelligence computing and other technologies, it can find the formulation optimization conditions more quickly, comprehensively, and intelligently, thereby accelerating the clinical advancement of complex molecular drugs.

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