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Freehand Forum 丨 Sixth: AI technology creates a new model of drug development-from drug discovery, formulation development to clinical trials

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METiS Hangzhou Yitai Pharmaceutical participated in the 6th freehand forum held by Freehand, and shared the application of AI in the pharmaceutical value chain End to end with other AI pharmaceutical leading companies such as Jinghao Technology ’s writer and Dr. Kaixin ’s Dai Discovery, preparation delivery, and how clinical trials artificial intelligence can change existing development models to bring more and better medicines to patients more efficiently.The online sharing event attracted hundreds of pharmaceutical peers to participate and discussed the opportunities for cooperation.

Brief introduction:

Artificial intelligence drives the development of new drug formulations-applications in cancer and new coronary pneumonia

      ▪   How AI drives high-dimensional formulation design optimization

      ▪   How high-throughput platforms achieve cross-dosage screening

      ▪   How AI platforms revolutionize preclinical dosage form development

Dr. Lai Caida: CEO of METiS Hangzhou Yatai Pharmaceutical Technology

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