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Bei Chuangxing said | MIT expert team uses artificial intelligence to solve the preparation problem and break the

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The core members of the METiS Hangzhou Jitai Pharmaceutical team were invited to be interviewed in the first issue of [Bei Chuangxing said] in 2020 to share entrepreneurial experience and AI's transformation and innovation in the pharmaceutical field.

Introduction to the interview:

New drug development has never been an easy task.

According to "Nature", the average cost of new drug development is about US $ 2.6 billion, which takes about 10 years. Long R & D cycle, low success rate and high R & D costs are the three major dilemmas faced by new drug R & D. Based on this, new application scenarios for the development of new AI drugs targeting massive medical data have been expanded.

Although the field of AI pharmacy is hot, most companies still focus on molecular design and target search. The technical barriers in the preparation link are high, and few companies have entered the game. And Hangzhou Yitai Medicine (METiS) cut in from the AI preparation development platform, which can be said to be one of the pioneers in China.

The core member of METiS Hangzhou Jitai Pharmaceutical Team, the first guest [Bei Chuangxing said], unveiled the story behind METiS.

Interview Link:https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/ZNv5zdpUmqh4FJhixe0ZGw