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Good news | METiS Hangzhou Jitai Pharmaceutical was selected into the new round of "5050 Plan" in Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang)

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According to the "Implementation Opinions on Implementing the New Round of" 5050 Plan "to Build the National Talent Ecology Optimal Zone" (District Office [2015] No. 29), and after deliberation at the meeting of the directors of the District Talent Work Leading Group Office on December 13, Hangzhou Jitai Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was selected as the third batch of "5050 Plan" selected talent projects in Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang) in 2019. As a talent founding company, it received 1 million yuan for startup startup funding. The high-tech zone (Binjiang) New Round of "5050 Plan" Implementation Rules Notice (Diban Office [2016] No. 7) for the application of funding approval, is expected to obtain tens of millions of funds to assist in the implementation of entrepreneurial project achievements and industrialization.